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Souda Air Base, Chania, 73100


IAMD COE reserves the right to gather and process all personal data of users that communicate or interact in any way (either through the website or otherwise) with the Centre.

Personal data process takes place in accordance with IAMD COE’s data protection policy.

Different types of personal data are collected from various sources as event registrations forms, contact forms, emails, contacts, business cards, bank account details etc. Such data are stored electronically in a dedicated contact base. Any information provided in the incoming emails is kept on our email server for later reference.

Sensitive personal data, such as credit cards details are not processed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, nor they are stored in our servers.

Data requested may differ depending on the relevant occasion/ event (full name, title and rank if available, email, organization).

Personal data are processed for particular purposes connected with the mission to be accomplished, on a lawful basis. Access to them is strictly limited to the legally responsible personnel according to the relevant job descriptions.

Personal data are not usually shared. However, since the COE is a NATO Military Body, it may be necessary for the conduct of its mission, data to be shared within other NATO stakeholders or third parties acting on behalf of the Centre, through internal and secure network with security standards in place and given that you explicitly consent to this transfer. Disclosure of personal data may, also, take place in order to comply with a legal obligation.