NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence (NATO IAMD) is an essential, continuous mission in peacetime, crisis and conflict, safeguarding and protecting Alliance territory, populations and forces against air and missile threat and attack. It contributes to deterrence and to indivisible security and freedom of action of the Alliance.

  • NATO IAMD is the defensive part of the Alliance’s Joint Air Power, which aims to ensure the stability and security of NATO airspace by coordinating, controlling and exploiting the air domain.
  • It incorporates all measures to deter and defend against any air and missile threat or to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of hostile air action.
  • NATO IAMD can address threats from the air, on land or at sea, which may include chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear, as well as electromagnetic and cyber threats.
  • NATO IAMD provides a highly responsive, robust, time-critical and persistent capability in order to achieve a desired level of control of the air, wherein the Alliance is able to conduct the full range of its missions.
  • NATO IAMD is implemented through the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System (NATINAMDS), a network of interconnected national and NATO systems comprised of sensors, command and control facilities and weapons systems.
  • NATINAMDS comes under the authority of NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

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