Conference Information

During the 1st IAMD COE Annual Conference 2022, it is of our intent to share views with the IAMD and international community and discuss about how new technological developments may affect Integrated Air and Missile Defence, what Opportunities they may offer, but also what might be the possible Threats and Challenges to IAMD, generated in the most complex and demanding security environment of the last decades.

Conference topics

a.  Emerging Disruptive Threats

b.  C-RAM

c.  Integration in IAMD

d.  C-UAS

e.  IAMD Education & Training Solutions-War Gaming & Simulation-The way ahead

f.   IAMD-Future Challenges

We are looking forward to an interesting and productive event, and to welcoming you to the picturesque and historical city of Chania.

Early registrations will be highly appreciated to support our scheduling.


1st IAMD COE Annual Conference (29-30 Sep 2022)

Provisional Overall Agenda

The Conference detailed Agenda is under development.

Overall Agenda

a. Wed, 28 Sep 22:                                   Travel Day

b. Thu, 29 Sep 22:                                    Opening Session Annual Conference Day 1

                                                                    Ice-breaker event

c. Fri, 30 Sep 22:                                       Annual Conference Day 2

d. Sat, 01 Oct 22                                       Travel Day

Conference Moderators

LTC (Retd) Wendi O. Brown

Executive Officer, 405 Army Field Support Brigade – Europe and Africa

Wg Cdr (Retd) Rob Munday

SG-265 Rapporteur

Conference Lecturers

Keynote Speakers

Ms Radoslava STEFANOVA

Head of IAMD section, NATO International Staff, Defence Investment Division, Armament &   Aerospace Capabilities Directorate

Mr. Costelliviu LIVADARIU

Deputy Head of IAMD section, NATO International Staff, Defence Investment Division, Armament &   Aerospace Capabilities Directorate


Dinos Kerigan-Kyrou PhD, CMILT

Cybersecurity, Joint Command & Staff Course, Irish Defence Forces / Division of Cybersecurity, Abertay University

Dr. Panagiotis TSAKALIDES

Professor in Computer Science at the University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece, and the Head of the Signal Processing Laboratory at FORTH-ICS.

Dr. Ioannis NIKOLOS

Professor, Director of the Turbomachines & Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (TurboLab-TUC) School of     Production Engineering & Management, Technical University of Crete.


Cpt. (Retired) GRC (A), Former IAMD CoE SME.

Col. Jan Farlik CZE (AF)

Military University of the Czech Republic

LtCol, OF-4, NE, Air Force G.W. ‘Berry’ Pronk

JAPCC, Combat Air Branch, Surface Based Air and Missile Defence

Mr. Angelos Klothakis

PHD Candidate, School of Production Engineering & Management, Technical University of Crete.


Emerging Security Challenges Division (NATO)

LtCol. (HAF) Panormitis-Nikolaos DEMERTZIS

Hellenic National Representative at the NATO Ballistic Missile Defence Steering Committee.

Maj. Peter RABINAK

Staff officer of Education & Training Branch at IAMD COE.

Cpt. Jaime LOPEZ

Security Section Head / CAOC TORREJΟN


Defence Science Manager/ Defence Research and Development Canada, Atlantic Research Centre


Senior Principal Consultant for Counter-UAS (C-UAS) / Dstl

Maj. Merkourios KATSAMAKAS

Staff officer of D&S Branch at IAMD COE.

Dr. James BAILEY

Program Manager / U-A Warfare Center Combat Training School

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