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Souda Air Base, Chania, 73100

IAMD COE Accounting Software Solutions Seminar

***We are excited to share that the response to our upcoming seminar has been exceptional, resulting in the allocation of all available seats. To those who have successfully registered, we eagerly anticipate your participation in what promises to be an enriching event.

For those who were unable to secure a seat in time, we want to assure you that new applications (only via email to will be given thorough consideration on a case-by-case basis, provided that cancellations may occur.

Our commitment to accommodating as many participants as possible underscores our dedication to fostering an inclusive learning environment.***

Seminar Information

   The Integrated Air & Missile Defence Centre of Excellence (IAMD COE) is delighted to announce our upcoming Seminar, “Crafting Accounting Management Solutions: Expert Insights and Best Practices on Customising Accounting Software” scheduled to unfold in the picturesque city of Chania, Greece, on 28-29 February 2024.

   This Seminar is not just an event; it is a dynamic result of the discussions from the NATO-Accredited COEs Legal Advisors and Financial Controllers Workshop 2023. We endeavor to establish a hub for collaboration, with the aim of sharing best practices and experience in accounting software utilisation.

   Our mission is clear – to broadcast the knowledge gained from the IAMD COE’s hands-on experiences in financial management. We will dive deep into the intricacies and capabilities of a cutting-edge, cost-effective accounting software.

   Tailored for entities on the scale of a COE to achieve financial reporting fully aligned with International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), from cash up to accrual basis of accounting, this Seminar promises to reshape your approach to accounting software solutions.

   This invitation is extended to financial staff  from COEs, including FINCONs, Fiscal and Accounting Officers, BUDFINs, and more, alongside other esteemed NATO entities and national bodies interested. For additional information, please refer to the official Calling Letter available here.

   Join us for a unique learning experience, and take part in what we believe will be a thought-provoking and enlightening seminar.

Final seminar banner

Tentative Overall Agenda

Seminar Lecturer

Cpt (OF-2) Evangelos BALTADOROS, the IAMD COE Financial Controller (FINCON), stands as the instructor for Seminar.

Drawing upon extensive experience in financial management and accounting software configuration for more than 3 years at the IAMD COE, valuable insights will be shared.

We invite you to join this meticulously crafted seminar on accounting management solutions for a sophisticated and enlightening learning experience.


List of recommended hotels in Chania

Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation.
For your convenience, we have compiled a list of recommended hotels in Chania.
Should you require guidance or assistance, the IAMD COE is available to assist upon request.
We highly recommend selecting hotels near the Chania city centre for ease of transportation (shuttle bus to be provided). Special prices are available exclusively to participants who book directly with each hotel manager via email.