Conference Information

During Our Second Annual Conference, we intend to draw a picture about the current Geostrategic Military Situation for Euro-Atlantic Partners. This will lead us to discuss about the new era of Threats for the Euro Atlantic area, focusing mainly on Hypersonic Weapons and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) developments, about the way NATO will meet today’s and tomorrow’s IAMD challenges and how improvements of offensive capabilities
will be a visible and valuable tool for the NATO Deterrence and Defense Posture.

Conference sessions

a.  The Current Geostrategic Military Situation for Euro-Atlantic Partners

b.  A new era of Threats for the Euro Atlantic area

c.  NATO towards the future: How to meet IAMD todays and tomorrow’s challenges.

d.  How resilient and strong offensive capabilities are contributing to the Deterrence and Defense Posture? 


We are looking forward to an interesting and productive event, and to welcoming you to the picturesque and historical city of Chania.

Early registrations will be highly appreciated to support our scheduling.


2nd IAMD COE Annual Conference (13-14 Jun 2023)

Provisional Overall Agenda


Overall Agenda

a. Mon, 12 Jun 23:                                   Travel Day

b. Tue, 13 Jun 23:                                    Opening Session Annual Conference Day 1

                                                                    Ice-breaker event

c. Wed, 14 Jun 23:                                    Annual Conference Day 2

d. Thu, 15 Jun 23:                                     Travel Day




Conference Moderators

Wg Cdr (Retd) Rob Munday

SG-265 Rapporteur

Conference Lecturers

Keynote Speakers


Ms Radoslava STEFANOVA

Head of IAMD section, NATO International Staff, Defence Investment Division, Armament &   Aerospace Capabilities Directorate

Col , Lisa BARTEL 

10th AAMDC Deputy Commander

Speakers (By alphabetical order)

Lt Col (OF-4), Andy “WALA” BOGUSKY (USAF)

Chief, Air Force Doctrine Development Outreach LeMay Center, Maxwell AFB

Maj (OF-3), Thomas BOUAZIZ 

French Space Command


European Defence Agency – EDA

Mr. Gabriele CASCONE

Head of CT in NATO HQ

Gen Donald G. Fryc (Ret.)

Northop Grumman

Mr. Kostas IFANTIS

PhD Professor of International Relations Department Chair Dept. of International, European & Area Studies Director of the Institute of International Relations (IDIS) Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

Mr.  Emmanouil KARAGIANNIS

Professor of International Relations, University of Macedonia, Reader in International Security, Defence Studies Department, King’s College London


PHD Candidate, School of Production Engineering & Management, Technical University of Crete.


Cpt. (Retired) GRC (A) Former IAMD CoE SME

Mr. Evangelos MANTAS

Cyber Security Operations | UAV Security Researcher – JPMorgan Chase & Co.  University of Oxford

Dr. Ioannis NIKOLOS

Professor, Director of the Turbomachines & Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (TurboLab-TUC) School of     Production Engineering & Management, Technical University of Crete.

Mr. Charalampos PAPASOTIRIOU

Professor of International Relations Panteion University Member of the Board of Directors of Institute of International Relations (IDIS)


Scientific Data Analysis professional, Principal Researcher at FORTH-ICS.

Lt Col (OF-4), Thomas VIALA 

FA&SF, Air Defense and Air Operations Command.




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Participants are responsible to arrange their own accommodation.
IAMD COE can provide guidance / assistance, if requested. Hotels near the Chania city centre are highly recommended for transportation purposes. A list of recommended Hotels around Chania city centre is as follows (special prices apply to participants only for direct booking with each hotel manager by e-mail).


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