Conference Information

During Our Third Annual Conference, we intend to build a picture of the current geostrategic military situation for Euro-Atlantic Allies and Partners. This will lead us to discuss the new era of Challenges, focusing on Emerging Threats, Hypersonic Weapons, and developments in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), how NATO will respond to IAMD’s current and future challenges, Integration and Interoperability, Effectiveness and Sustainability, as well as on Innovation, Experimentation and Wargaming.

Conference sessions

a.  How the current Global Security Environment affects the evolution of IAMD in NATO

b. Strategies for Operational Advantage in IAMD

c. Challenges in Current & Future Operational Environment Arena

d. Advanced Technologies in IAMD


We are looking forward to an interesting and productive event, and to welcoming you to the picturesque and historical city of Chania.

Early registrations will be highly appreciated to support our scheduling.


3rd IAMD COE Annual Conference (19-20 Jun 2024)

Provisional Overall Agenda


Overall Agenda

a. Tue, 18 Jun 24:                                   Travel Day

b. Wed, 19 Jun 24:                                 Opening Session Annual Conference Day 1

                                                                 Ice-breaker event

c. Thu, 20 Jun 24:                                    Annual Conference Day 2


d. Fri, 21 Jun 24:                                     Travel Day




Conference Moderators

Wg Cdr (Retd) Rob Munday

SG-288 Rapporteur

Conference Lecturers

Keynote Speakers (By alphabetical order)


To be announced.


Speakers (By alphabetical order)

To be announced.



List Of Recommended Hotels In Chania

Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation.
For your convenience, we have compiled a list of recommended hotels in Chania.
Should you require guidance or assistance, the IAMD COE is available to assist upon request.
We highly recommend selecting hotels near the Chania city centre for ease of transportation (shuttle bus to be provided). Special prices are available exclusively to participants who book directly with each hotel manager via email.